Kansas State University Digital Skills
Bootcamps to take your career to the next level

If you are looking to transition your career, look no further than the Kansas State University Digital Skills Bootcamps. In just under a year, you can learn the skills necessary for an innovative career path in the digital world, with an immersive bootcamp experience that gives you real-world experience.

The Cybersecurity

Thinking of a career in cybersecurity? Take the fast track with the all-inclusive bootcamp that will transform you from learner to professional. The intensive curriculum covers the knowledge and skills you need, with real-world training to prepare you for a new career future.

Providing the
Competitive Career
Edge You Need to

Give your career new life Get skilled in digital technology

There's so much more to learn beyond theory. In our Digital Skills Bootcamps, you can learn through hands-on experience and practical training and become familiar with the latest tools to take your capabilities to the next level.

Launch a new career in record time The future is waiting for you

In no more than 12 months, you can leap into a new career in cybersecurity or digital marketing via a
practical learning approach based on real-world experience. Make your professional development
seamless with an innovative instructional program that redefines education for a 21st-century career.

Experiential Learning

Classroom learning, as you have never experienced it before. Our instructors use interactive approaches and creative learning strategies that help you thrive in real-time. Via project-based education, you will walk away with skills that work for you.

Introductory Course

Don't commit without being sure our program is right for you. Sign up for the introductory course and sample the types of courses and projects you can expect in the full bootcamp experience to make your best decision.

Certifications and Digital Badges

You need more than knowledge. You also need the industry recognized certifications. We'll prep you for the certification exams and get you ready for the digital badges that will turn the heads of potential employers.

Career Services

Your new career is our business. Boost your potential job opportunities with career services via our specialist team. Networking, resume writing, interviews, connections to local employers, and LinkedIn profile refreshers—these are all the ways we can work with you to get your name out there in the job search after graduation.

400 Program Hours

We've got you covered with hundreds of hours of instruction from our dedicated teaching panel. Via practical simulations, a comprehensive knowledge base, and exercises designed to hone real-world skills, you can find your best career path and forge ahead.

Access to Hiring Partners

It's not only what you know, but who you know. Build your professional network with the help of our career services team, who can connect you with local hiring partners and leaders of the industry. Get prepared for an enriching new career by creating important, professional relationships.

*Career services do not come with a guarantee of job placement. Terms and conditions apply.

Take the five steps
That lead to success


Get in touch
with us

Connect with an Admissions Advisor to find out how Kansas State University can serve your professional aspirations. We're eager to schedule your personal meeting.



Prefer a phone call or a web meeting? We are flexible to do it your way. One of our Senior Admissions Advisors will give you an in-depth overview of the bootcamps, your future career, and what to expect if you enroll.


Attend an
introductory course

Test the waters before you jump in by enrolling in the Introductory Course. You can decide which bootcamp is the best choice for you before committing to the full accelerated education.


Get with
the program

Now you can get fully immersed in the bootcamp program of your choosing. Experience live classes in a virtual setting and get real-world practice with simulated exercises that mirror what you can typically expect as a professional in the field of cybersecurity or digital marketing.


Serving your

Don't leave the job search to chance. Our professional career services team has you covered with a range of support services such as personalized resume writing, networking, connections to hiring partners, and optimizing your LinkedIn profile page.

Career services do not come with a guarantee of job placements. Services are offered as a consultation only.

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